What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a holistic approach to trade and development that seeks to create sustainable and positive changes in the worldwide marketplace. Fair trade allows the poorest of the poor a better livelihood with respect and dignity. Our vendors work closely with different farmers and other workers to help them organize and market their products. These cooperatives in turn become part of the business negotiations and are empowered to make decisions about their direction and future.

Fair trade is about human rights which includes gender equality and women’s rights, children’s rights, and worker safety conditions.

Fair trade also means environmental sustainability. Raw resources must be used with regard to long term use. Organic farming is encouraged. Recycling or “Up-cycling” becomes a normal part of production.

Finally both vendors and cooperatives invest in their communities. Premiums are given to groups who practice long term sustainability and each group democratically decide on the best use of this fund. Some build schools or a health clinic while others use the money as scholarships to send their children to university.

You can find more information about fair trade from the following organizations:

Fairtrade International

Fair Trade USA

Look for this logo on some of our fair trade packaging.fairTradeLogo